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Fantastic work by all involved.

I think every single clip made me laugh, which is saying something considering that there's usually one or two slightly weaker contributions to projects like these. I can tell that all of the artists involved worked really hard on this. Great stuff.

Very good

I'm a big fan of House, and I found this short hilarious.

One thing I was really impressed by was your caricatures; you managed to capture the essence of House and Wilson extremely well... in terms of aesthetics at least, LOL.

All in all, nice little random short, impressive graphics and drawing skills, and superb dance interlude. Great job.

Probably my favourite BFM episode.

Of all the Burnt Face Man episodes, this one is most probably my favourite. The story line (albeit somewhat less than linear) made me laugh with way it panned out in a sort of episodical randomness, and each little part of the episode had it's own charm, and of course, the washing machine theme helped string it all together in a fantastically off-the-wall manner.

I think the best part was probably the choice of ending. Both were hilarious, especially the one featuring Barry the Crocodile.

As usual, fantastic work, and I hope you continue the BFM series for as long as you can stand to keep making it. :)

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Very enjoyable

A great game with some amusing little aspects. I particularly liked the fact that you could drag down absurdly enormous objects like jets, and the realism of having to swim from deeper down in the water in order to jump further into the air.

One very small gripe: It would have been great it there were different game options, such as a time attack or freeplay mode which wasn't restricted to a certain number of miles. Only because I enjoyed the game and would have liked the option to play for longer without having my run forcibly ended and having to start from the beginning ;P

Overall, an excellent and very enjoyable game. Great work.


You've basically taken all the little details that the first game needed to improve, and put them in this one. It's still a similar game, but there are definitely other factors to take into consideration, such as having to buy an add-on to each base in order to purchase special units. Furthermore, I loved the upgrades you can buy for each unit type as they gave an extra dimension to the gameplay.

In summary, you've essentially taken the first Age of War and packed it even more full of awesome. Great job!

Simple yet effective

A simple game but one that kept me interested for a good while. The difficulty increase between normal, harder, and impossible is one of the best features and I think you hit it pretty much spot on.

I've taken off two stars because it's definitely a lot more basic than some of the games that I've played here in terms of graphics and the general premise of the game. It was nevertheless very fun to play and I've recommended it to a few friends.

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you could do more with this though. why not try expanding this? keep going!

liked it

it was good, the only thing i would say is that adding lyrics (like you mentioned) would probably improve this song tenfold. keep going!

El-Romano responds:

Thanks for the nice reviews! I'll work on eventual lyrics when I have time. Good news, I've already the chorus... :-P Stay turned for the next songs!!!

i liked it

i've been reading a few of your previous reviews for this audio submission, and you don't half get a bunch of arses writing reviews... "no musical talent" "this is the audio portal not the music portal"... guess this is what you have to put up with when you're the featured author on the audio portal :)
anyway, more to the point, even though it was short, i liked it... and by the way, you ARE musically talented, but you already know that :P

Xenogenocide responds:

Hey, thanks. That cheers me up a little.
Some of these dicks couldn't write music to save their lives.
This was one of my half-arsed pieces of music btw, I couldn't think of anything else to add other than the short "Mission complete" riff at the end.

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Classic Hippo

I've loved this one for ages, and your happy colourful style has inspired me to emulate it in some of the random stuff that I do ;P

Submit more, please :D


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